SQL Consulting

SQL Consulting

Remote DBA Services

Having a full-time DBA on staff is very expensive.  A skilled DBA can cost well over $120,000 per year not including benefits.  Why hire a full-time DBA when you can get all of your DBA needs at a fraction of the cost?  We have been consulting in SQL server for nearly 20 years and we have worked in some of the largest and most complex SQL Server environments. We have extensive experience troubleshooting, patching, and designing applications with SQL Server Analysis Services (cubes), SQL Server Reporting Services (reports), SQL Server Integration Services (data transformations) We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining scalable solutions that provide outstanding performance for today and the future.

Installations, Upgrades, and Migrations

Whether you need a new sql server installation, an upgrade to an existing server, or a complete migration of your database systems from Oracle, Postgresql, or MySQL, we can do it all. Best of all, SQLTech Consulting has all the knowledge and experience to make the transition completely seemless to you. We have performed upgrades and migrations to and from virtually all versions of SQL Server including the latest SQL Server 2014.

Performance Tuning and Health Check

If your database applications are running slow or performing poorly, call us today to get them fixed. We specialize in Performance Tuning and Health Checks to identify the heaviest operations performed by your database, and then fix the areas that need it most. Our Health Check reviews are presented, and explained one on one, and they pin point possibilities for how we can solve each and every bottleneck you may be experiencing. Often times one Health Assessment is all you need to get your systems back running like new again, and then a quarterly review keeps your systems optimal throughout the year.

Business Intelligence Services

We have expertise in building high performance data warehouse and data marts from conception to final user reporting. We will work with you to understand your needs and user specific requirements and then make the appropriate technology selection based on both user needs and comfort level. Use our knowledge and experience to help you make better business decisions.

Our Remote DBA Features include:

  • Comprehensive, 7×24 remote DBA support
  • Database administration and troubleshooting
  • Proactive database monitoring and alerts
  • Database analysis, recommendations, and reviews
  • Customized services for your business needs
  • Bundled Services at a price you can afford

We provide a full suite of remote DBA services sql consulting, all-inclusive 24/7 monitoring of high priority databases and systems to basic reviews of your systems on a periodic basis. You can customize your support as needed. Our suite of remote DBA services includes proactive maintenance, monitoring, responding to database system alerts, and more.

We provide remote DBA services for:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Postgresql

Our remote DBA services provide you with access to experts in a way that makes sense for your business and your budget. You can rest assured that your systems are in good hands, as our team has over 20 years experience with databases, and we have been providing these services to over 84 firms to date ranging from small mom and pop shops to even the fortune 500 firms.


Our consulting rates are among the cheapest in the industry, and we have yet to find a client that we were unable to fully satisfy. We charge an hourly rate of $150/hour for remote assistance. If you need someone to come onsite, we need a week’s notice, and we charge a rate of $1500/day, plus travel expenses. We start out any engagement with a detailed Health Check. This health check is a thourough investigation of your entire server, and database system (SAN hardware included). It typically takes us about a few days to put the health check together, and then we go over the report results presentation style, directly with you, so you can understand what all the technical findings really mean, and how they can be addressed. We charge a flat fee of $1000/instance for the Health Checks, and then from the results of that, we put together a Statement of Work to deliver the options of your choosing, either through the hourly remote rate, or through our onsite consulting rate. Depending on the length of the engagement, we are even flexible with the hourly rate too. Our remote DBA services allow you to purchase a bundle of hours/month, at a discounted rate, and you can use them however you choose. Payment terms for everything except travel expenses, which needs to be provided ahead of time, follows a standard NET 30 payment schedule. We even provide Paypal, and accept credit cards if that makes things easier. Call us today and we can work out a solution to fit your budget.

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SQL Server Consulting


Hello.  My name is John Dunleavy and I am a DBA.a tuning specialist.a die hard Eagles fan.a loving husband.a father of two beautiful girls.


I live in a small town called Jamison,  which is just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I have specialized in Database Performance Tuning, and Consulting for nearly 20 years.  We support SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql and more. I am currently ranked one of the Philadelphia area’s top Database consultants.  I have been providing Database Professional Services and Performance Tuning since 2009, and my sql consulting business has grown substantially based off of word of mouth and proven performance. We now support clients around the globe, and we are providing the most cost effective solutions you can find anywhere out there today.  I believe our expert Performance Tuning results and our tailored Database services our the reasons why we stand above our competition.  We have a package that fits just about every budget and we will work directly with you every step of the way. Whether you need part-time Remote DBA help, or you are in the middle of a complex data migration, and need immediate assistance, we can get it all done for you.  Best of all, we are just a quick phone call away, and we can get started immediately as our staff is spread out over 3 US timezones.  Call us today at 571-246-6391 or email us direct. You have nothing to lose, except maybe your frustrations.
















Here are some testimonials from our clients and what they are saying about us:


Delano Seymour

Delano Seymour CTO

John is very professional and provided a flawless execution on one of our SQL database migration projects. He also was able to create a noticeable performance improvement of our database which translated into a noticeable performance improvement of our overall application.

Adam Isrow

Adam Isrow CEO

I have had the opportunity to work with John Dunleavy and have come to appreciate both his SQL DBA expertise and his sense of urgency. As a small company, we needed to find someone that could understand our infrastructure and provide suggestions that would be appropriate for a small but growing company.

John has been able to perform day-to-day trouble shooting and putting out fires coupled with proactive work to help us plan and prepare for future growth. I am very appreciatiative with how accessible John is and the speed in which he works.

It is very difficult to find someone that has the expertise you are seeking coupled with the reliability to get the job done quickly and I believe with John, you get both. I highly recommend John and am confident any company will be very pleased the engaged him.

George Schwartz

George Schwartz Vice President IT

John Dunleavy is a true professional with an exceptional MS SQL skill set. He has taken several MS SQL Server upgrade, new installation and performance improvement projects from needs review to completion, with stellar results. John provides a wealth of knowledge throughout the project’s life cycle while instilling total confidence that will go well beyond your expectations. He has immediately responded to our needs during late hours and throughout the entire weekend with total customer satisfaction in mind at all times. I would highly recommend John for any MS SQL project.

Timothy Groff

Timothy Groff Director IT

After 6 hours of work, our hotel software consulting company had given up. I received John Dunleavy’s contact from a team member. I called John, and we were back up and running 15 minutes after he received access to our system. He saved us a month of potentially lost data entry. Thank you!

Daniel Hayes

Daniel Hayes CEO

John Dunleavy played a vital role in the upgrade of our database servers from SQL Server 2000 to 2008. He presented the options and risks associated with a major upgrade, developed a plan based upon our requirements, and executed it extremely well. He worked very well with our internal development staff, quickly establishing a rapport and trust despite working remotely most of the time. He is also very responsive and will work hard to support small, overnight maintenance windows. John’s advanced knowledge of SQL Server configuration, performance tuning, and optimization has paid tremendous dividends and our production database environment feels more robust and scalable than ever before.


SQL Server 6.5-SQL Server 2014

Oracle 9-11G

TSQL/PLSQL Programming

.Net Programming with C#, VB, Java



Entity Framework



You can download my CV in pdf format if you like right here.



You can view my LinkedIn profile.




DBA Group Leader, New Products and Services

Almac Clinical Technologies.
  • Managed a DBA Team of 6,  and a diverse group of Remote DBAs.
  • Provided leadership, mentoring and oversight for Enterprise database systems
  • Developed and managed HADOOP infrastructure for unstructured data and reporting for all Big Data requirements
  • Developed and maintained over 128 SQL Servers, through all phases of SDLC
  • Utilized AGILE Development strategies to get systems out to market faster.
  • Planned, recommended and implemented capacity planning and management for all SQL architectures.
  • Maintained system resources of database servers to ensure production systems meet high availability requirements.
  • Ensured that database related hardware enhancements are scheduled and implemented in a timely manner.
  • Developed, and maintained a data archive strategy.
  • Managed the changes to the architecture in compliance with company Configuration and Change Management SOPs
  • Planned, implemented, tested and documented sound backup and recovery procedures.
  • Monitored and troubleshooted system performance proactively and established written procedures for incident avoidance.
  • Ensured all company SOPs and Work Instructions pertaining to data backup and recovery are adhered to
  • Provided expert assistance to Sr. / System Developers, to ensure that development efforts do not adversely affect production operations.
  • Ensured that database related hardware enhancements are scheduled and implemented in a timely manner.
  • Managed the changes to the architecture in compliance with company Configuration and Change Management SOPs and industry best practices.


Almac Clinical Technologies
  • Migrated 90+ servers from SQL 2000/2008 onto SQL Server 2012 in about 6 months.
  • Provided support for all SQL Servers development through production.
  • Provided primary DBA support for installation, upgrading and maintaining the SQL environments.
  • Provided assistance, templates, documentation and training in SQL to staff.
  • Identified and supported the resolution of application problems that may affect the SQL environment.
  • Provided after hours on-call support for critical database issues.
  • Acted as liaison between application programmers and DBMS vendor to report and resolve problems.
  • Implemented and maintained a maintenance plan for the SQL environment.
  • Developed and managed a suite of utilities that manage, maintain and report SQL Server performance.
  • Monitored error logs, database and log space, user activity and resource utilization of productionenvironment.
  • Tuned environment as required.
  • Developed recommendations for new product architecture and software/database design
  • Participated in system requirements definition.
  • Recommended implementation strategies
  • Reviewed/approved new products design for best practices

Senior Database Administrator

  • Provided support for all SQL Servers development through production.
  • Designed and executed migration for 2 main production databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server2008 which also included move to new SAN and servers running on Windows 2008 server.
  • Implemented new code deployment method saving 6 hours per environment/ per release using Red GateSQL Compare and Data Compare.
  • Developed data warehouse using SSAS, MDX queries and linked servers to provide seem-less integrationinto current object oriented architecture.
  • Installed SSRS and designed reporting structures to satisfy all reporting needs.
  • Developed trending and Diagnostics platform to monitor production database environments utilizing Idera’s Diagnostics Manager.
  • Developed automated unit testing and baseline mechanism using SSRS, SSAS, and Report Builder 2.
  • Designed new disaster recovery plan utilizing Idera’s SQL Safe.
  • Re-engineered and performance tuned code to utilize more set based processing and accordance with bestpractices.
  • Taught developers to build SSIS packages and the basics of Analysis services so they can start converting DTS packages and start utilizing the power of Analysis services.



Management Science Information Systems


I studied computer science, engineering, and business statistics at Penn State University. I created usable web interfaces, decision support systems, forecasting and financial models, and almost anything you can think of in between. I love what I do and it has helped me become a great Database Administrator (DBA).

SQL Server Consulting

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Here is my phone number and address so you can contact me.  I am located just out of Philadelphia, and I am about an hour from New York.


John P. Dunleavy

John P. Dunleavy

(571) 246-6391

2633 Fallow Hill Ln, Jamison, PA 18929



I am always looking to get in contact with new people.  If you would like to contact me through any of these social media sites, please just give me a holler.


And this is where I reside.  If you are close enough I may even bike to your location!